Architecture and interior design

When choosing a career, one of the most common mistakes young people make is not to thoroughly investigate what their academic choice is about. For that reason, if you dream of setting up, remodeling and fitting out new spaces, you should know all about the degree in Architecture and Interior Design.

Precisely, in this article we will help you with this task, since we will talk about the most important aspects of it.

However, the first thing you should know is that by obtaining this university degree you will become an expert in planning, executing and evaluating architectural and interior design projects.

If this matches what you want for your future, be sure to read! Below we will talk about the competencies, characteristics and skills that you must have in order to study and practice this career successfully.

Income profile

If you are about to finish high school, considering a degree in Architecture and Interior Design is a great idea, as it is one of the most attractive academic options.

It is an educational offer that, in addition to being exciting, will allow you to build a successful and prosperous future. However, although it is an excellent alternative, it is important that you first evaluate if you have the necessary profile to study it.

For that reason, in this section we will mention characteristics and skills that you must have or develop to succeed in this career.

Interest in the graphic arts

To study the degree in Architecture and Interior Design you must be interested in elaborating all kinds of visual elements.

Having said that, understanding, in a basic way, disciplines such as technical drawing and digital graphic design will be very helpful, as they will help you to design physical and computerized plans and sketches for your different projects.

Of course, you don’t have to be an expert in these areas, the idea is that you know what they are about and that you like to study them.

A penchant for teamwork

When talking about architectural projects, the participation of various experts and professionals is fundamental.

So if you want to study the degree in Architecture and Interior Design, it is important that you know how to work together with other specialists to build, design and adapt spaces of all kinds.

In fact, this quality is indispensable in all professions, since it allows you to contribute to the achievement of common goals and objectives.

Ease of social relations

In order for you to work effectively as a team and feel a part of the university while you are studying, you must practice your social skills.

That said, it is important that you are willing to establish strong relationships with other members of the college community.

In addition, doing so will make networking a natural part of your life.

Do you know what this term means and how it can help you in your future? It is the process of building a network of professional and employment contacts that will allow you to access employment opportunities, acquire knowledge about your area of study and even generate business alliances for the future.

Keep in mind that those who will be your classmates for the next few years of your life will later become your colleagues and possibly join the same work sector as you, so it’s worth looking for these kinds of connections.

On the other hand, don’t forget to include teachers in your strategy, as they are professionals with extensive experience and influence in the sector.


Without a doubt, this is another fundamental characteristic for all students of Architecture and Interior Design.

For you to stand out as a student and then as a professional you must have the ability to imagine and invent innovative ideas and concepts.

Although this profession has established methodologies and practices to achieve this, it is necessary to be visionary and even improvise, as long as this does not undermine the quality of your projects and the safety of your buildings.

Passion for travel

The degree in Architecture and Interior Design demands professionals with a broad mind and knowledge of different cultures, especially from an architectural point of view.

For that reason, it is important that you have a passion for traveling between the regions of your nation and even abroad.

Knowing different urban centers will allow you to have a broad notion of architecture and, consequently, to have very good ideas when planning projects.

Familiarization with technology

If you’re about to graduate from high school, you probably have this feature

Today’s young people are familiar with technology and different programs and software, which they use to make everyday life easier.

If that’s you, great! This degree needs people who are willing and able to optimize their tasks through technical and technological resources.

Social Responsibility

This concept refers to the commitment of an individual or group to society as a whole.

In the case of architecture, when designing and building spaces, a high degree of social responsibility is required.

Students in this career should understand its importance and commit themselves to planning and developing buildings that are safe, comfortable and do not harm the environment in which they are located.

Good! You already know what the ideal entrance profile for an Architecture and Interior Design student is, so it’s time to learn about the educational program of this career.

What does the Architecture and Interior Design career teach?

Planning, designing and executing architectural development projects, both for interior and exterior spaces, is not an easy task.

For that reason, this degree offers a comprehensive training to its students that includes several exciting and enriching lectures.

Having said that, we will now explain of the subjects in this attractive academic offer.

Descriptive Geometry

This is one of the essential subjects of the educational program, since it will allow you to immerse yourself in architecture as a profession.

This chair will teach you a set of techniques that allow you to represent spaces on two-dimensional surfaces.

Thanks to this procedure you can detect and solve geometric problems that would alter the quality of the work you are expected to execute.

History of Styles

Theoretical subjects are also very important for the training of architects and interior designers.

In the case of this chair, it will teach you how architectural styles have evolved over time.

In addition, it will show you the different materials that have been used throughout history to develop human habitat spaces and other buildings, which will be key to understanding why the processes and components are used today.

Digital Drawing and Modeling

This discipline is also known as computer-aided drawing.

In it you will learn to create, through the development of graphics, images that allow you to have a wide perspective of the plans of a construction, both of the interior and exterior spaces.

In this way you will be able to make the necessary modifications before starting the projects, from the point of view of the building.

Even learning about this area will allow you to continuously follow the evaluation of the works without the need to be present in the physical space where they are carried out.

Modern and Contemporary Interiors

This is another of the conceptual and theoretical subjects that will nurture you to be an integral professional in the future.

Specifically, it will allow you to know the different ways of managing interiors, especially those that have predominated in recent years.

In addition, this chair will provide you with the conceptual tools necessary to know how to plan an interior space based on its characteristics, such as size, natural lighting and building material, among other things.

Interior Design

In this subject you will delve into interior design from a practical perspective.

In fact, this chair will allow you to simulate cases of professional practice in this area and, moreover, will provide you with important techniques that will help you to manage the spatial volume of your projects successfully, as well as the surface treatment.

Ecological Architecture

Nowadays, care for the environment has become increasingly important, so the Architecture and Interior Design career must take this into account to prepare its professionals.

With this in mind, the chair of Ecological Architecture is in charge of developing spaces for the human habitat, making the most of natural resources and without harming the environment.

One of the principles of this discipline is moderation in the use of building materials, giving priority to those that demand low energy consumption.

It also focuses on considering the climatic conditions, the ecosystems and the hydrography of the surroundings in which the works are developed, in order to cause the least possible impact.

Thanks to this speciality, trends such as efficient heating, passive cooling, sustainable skyscrapers and energy recycling have emerged.

Project Development and Management

This subject is part of the axiological area of the Architecture and Interior Design career.

Project Development and Management is a chair with a general focus, which will help you to acquire a leadership role for the business and work environment from your area of study.

Management Skills and Information Management are other subjects in the same line.

If you choose to study this degree, you must find an educational program that offers you these types of subjects so that you can increase your employability, which is the ability to obtain and maintain jobs.

Thanks to this certificate, your university degree will be widely recognized by the authorities, professional associations and the labor market.

By having a quality and certified training, you will have access to the job opportunities that you long for.