Industrial Decoration

Industrial decoration: features, benefits, ideas and tips

Do you want to give your decor a new and attractive look but your budget is holding you back? No reason! We usually think, wrongly, that to get what we want we have to make a big investment in works, furniture and accessories.

But there are styles with which we can achieve a unique personality with little. Here we are going to talk about one of these looks that are born from simplicity. Get ready to undress your house with industrial decoration!

A style born of the most creative minds

The industrial style was born in the middle of the last century in the Big Apple as a creative alternative for young artists facing a world of very high housing prices. To combat this, they chose to move into old abandoned factories and warehouses.

They moved their innovative and, of course, artistic personalities to their new destinations, managing to work wonders with very little money and a lot of imagination.

What we know today as industrial decoration is the direct evolution of those spaces. Very wide places, with high ceilings, open and naked. This look seeks to bring out the inner spirit of each house to show it off.

For that reason, it is very common to find these homes with the original materials of their skeleton outdoors. Bricks, beams, concrete and pipes are no longer hidden but used as landscape beauties. Yes, industrial decoration puts into practice the common saying “beauty is in the interior”.

Bring out the industrial look in your home

You want to give your house an industrial touch and you don’t know where to start? Before you bring anything into your home, get it out of its locker room! Yes, the first step is to strip the walls.

One of the hallmarks of industrial decoration is to have managed to get rid of paint and bring out the original materials. It gives a rough and cold brushstroke, but it is inevitable, we love to bring home that urban touch.

This is a very economical change as it is sufficient to remove the outer layer of the wall. In addition, in the case that our house does not have the original materials that we are looking for, the price of these, as well as their installation, is very reduced because they do not need any treatment.

And don’t just use the inside of the walls! Both the ceiling beams and the columns that abounded in old factories become another element of decoration. But it doesn’t end there, because the pipes that frighten us so much now share our field of vision.

Is there any better reason to follow the upcycling trend than by reinventing furniture based on old pipes? There is even furniture such as shelves that simulate pipes to give rooms a cool touch.

Betting on open and well-lit spaces

It should be noted that industrial decoration benefits greatly from good lighting. An indispensable element of the old factories was their huge windows with metallic details that illuminated the workers in their work. For this reason, it is necessary to have a good entry of light to recreate that atmosphere.

In addition, just like the architecture, the structure must also be bare. The industrial style gains many points in well opened houses with hardly any separation between rooms. Therefore, it is an ideal look for a loft.

The original colours that industrial decoration lives by

Before we talk about the furniture, let’s talk about the colors that suit you best. Without a doubt, the greys and earth tones that we find on the naked walls we have mentioned will reign.

It is also true, however, that a little white cap directly on the bricks of the wall looks fantastic. To these colours we can add beige, black, blue… The truth is that well used and combined with harmony, any colour fits in with the industrial decoration.

Vintage, Army, Boho… what furniture suits an industrial house best?

As well as colours, most furniture can find its place in an industrial house. Anyway, we advise you to follow the trend of style and bet on rough and simple materials such as wood without coatings or metal.

A central table that is basically a large plank of wood? why not? you can also get a lot out of it by reusing pallets to turn them into sophisticated and original furniture.

The industrial style is a style that feeds into almost any type of furniture. We know that it is very difficult to get rid of everything you have lived with for a long time, and it is also very expensive to renew it.

If up to now your house had an Army style, Nordic furniture or Boho Chic decoration and you are looking to move to the industrial one, don’t get rid of the furniture! This new look will perfectly accommodate your old belongings.

Now, if you’re looking for extreme fidelity to the spirit of industrial decoration, there’s nothing like vintage. In the 1950s, these innovative artists, the fathers of the Industry movement, went to market to get hold of cheap old furniture to fill their reinvented lofts.

So, if you are looking to recreate the landscape of these homes, the best thing to do is to bet on industrial furniture with the spirit of the 1950s.

Get hold of old furniture and let the rusty, pickled atmosphere invade your home. And not only that! Look for vintage elements that give you a plus such as a typewriter or old telephones.

Feel like an artist hand in hand with industrial decoration

Do you see how simple and inexpensive it is to get a house that you love? With the industrial style we will achieve the ideal balance between functionality, warmth and elegance with very little. It’s the most real look, with hardly any concealment. Strip your house and bring out its inner beauty!

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