Modern and contemporary architecture

Modern and contemporary houses are for people who are happy to observe the lines and silhouettes of a beautiful building with an intuitive design. They have an architectural design that is based on the idea of making something that has class but does not lack simplicity and a modern environment but has an integration with nature.

Modern architects such as Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who escaped the Nazi era and taught at some of the most renowned architecture and design schools of the time, presented the idea of modern contemporary homes.

Main features of modern and contemporary design

Modern and contemporary style houses are quite unique in their own way. Apart from their unconventional and unusual features, there are some other characteristics in the architecture of these houses that make them stand out in your neighborhood, such as

Extensive use of glass in windows and panels. The key feature of the modern contemporary style exterior is the use of an extensive glass wall covering. It gives the house a sophisticated look and at the same time allows a lot of natural light to enter. If the house is situated in an exotic location, the glass also ensures that you can enjoy the view.

Unconventional or flat roofs: Another unique aspect of contemporary and modern style houses is their unusual roofs. To keep the ceiling in touch with the minimalist architectural design, a geometrical touch is given.

While most houses have the typical contemporary flat roof, there are also some unorthodox geometrical roofs that make such houses a center of attraction in the neighborhood. There are arch-shaped roofs, tower-like roofs, and some unusual funky roofs as well.

Large windows: The large windows in these houses are intended to allow a lot of natural light to enter while ensuring adequate ventilation.

These windows maintain the connection of the house with the outside, which keeps the tone much cooler than that of the usual compact houses. These windows make the house complement the minimalist interiors while giving a touch of elegance to the exteriors of the house.

Several other characteristic features of these houses are the little ornamentation, the irregular accumulation and the entrance doors that are not very eye-catching. The use of materials such as concrete, vinyl, glass and wood emphasizes the importance of progressive architecture. These modern industrial elements add to the house’s modern charm and add to its elegant design and contemporary feel.

The interiors of modern-contemporary style houses

The flexible living spaces of a modern, contemporary style home have the advantage of offering a wide variety of choices in terms of color palettes, fabrics and other decorations. The interiors of such homes are an epitome of class and elegance.

The general idea of modern and contemporary design is to eliminate the luxuries and extravagances that were used in previous decades. The theme of such homes tends to be minimalist with the furniture and colors used contributing to the theme.


Considering the minimalist theme of modern and contemporary style houses, the common idea is that neutral tones are the best option for interiors. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Solid colors such as beige and gray can be used for walls, but to increase the intensity of this tone some furniture and fabrics in primary tones will be used. For example, a brown sofa and indigo curtains would bring some elements of drama to the interiors of a contemporary home without taking away from the modern look of the living room.


Most furniture used in a modern and contemporary configuration does not have any intricate or carved details. Wooden elements add to the eccentric atmosphere of such homes. The rich, dark brown tone of the mahogany or walnut furniture complements the modern color of the walls’ palate.

Furniture with unusual geometric shapes greatly enhances the coolness of a minimalist home. Instead of using eye-catching decorative pieces in such houses, a simple wall mural or painting is used. This keeps the home spacious and avoids any carelessness.

A combination of elements such as glass, leather and stainless steel offsets the contemporary look of these homes. Metal elements are a very important addition to modern and contemporary style homes.

Although in today’s scenario, stainless steel occupies the top shelf for contemporary home furnishings, the highlights of brass in door handles and brushed nickel cabinet handles have not lost their charm. Any sleek, shiny metal that complements the color scheme of a modern home works wonders for enhancing the interiors of the place.