Transitional style dining room decor

To design a transitional style dining room we had to mix more traditional elements with other more contemporary ones, although without a doubt this space has more of a classic charm.

Today we continue to review this project that we started to see last week in the living room. In that opportunity I told you about the proposed style, as we captured it in a 3D model and made it a reality. So if you haven’t read it, you still have time to catch up.

The transformation

The dining room used to have too much coffee. The table and chairs had the same shade of dye, which is very similar to the floor. In general, I always recommend buying chairs and table separately, which don’t come in a set, because the final result looks very generic.

The biggest change here was the color of the walls. We painted the walls in a blue tone (Revor 8075 A), and although the homeowners had some apprehensions that the space would look darker and smaller, the opposite is true.

Cold colors are perceived further away, so by painting these walls in blue we get them to sit further back than they really are. Then, to prevent it from looking dark, we complement the space with light furniture. We incorporated enough white, so that it would reflect the light coming in.

The previous floating floor was bright and reddish, which had already finished its life. We changed it for a new one, more opaque and in colder tones.

Tear Lamp

The ceiling lamp that used to be there wasn’t bad, but it was too small for this space. It also had only one bulb, which generated very little light for this space, so it was always half-lit.

We replaced it with this white teardrop lamp, which despite having many details is not the center of attention. In this case we wanted something with texture, but that did not compete with the other elements of the space. I found this lamp suitable because it has 5 bulbs, which generates good lighting for this transitional style dining room.


Previously the owners of the house had a table here and a wine cellar. We moved the wine cellar to the living room, and changed the living room because it was not really functional for this space.

Instead, we installed two display cabinets that we had made with our furniture maker. These showcases are twins, and have space to store glasses and plates. In addition, they have closed storage downstairs to keep those things that are not so “decorative”.

Why do they work better? Because they take advantage of the vertical space, but without taking away many m2 of surface. This is ideal for small spaces. In addition, their shape directs the view upwards, which makes the space seem higher.

We relocated the mirror that was originally there, and hung it parallel to the window. This is the ideal option for hanging a mirror, as it works like a virtual window, reflecting the garden inwards. And it also multiplies the light that enters the space.

In the place where the mirror was, we hung a painting from GalerĂ­a Impresionarte. I chose one in vertical format, because it helps us to enhance the effect we are looking for with the showcases. Besides, this element had to be a little more colorful, since everything else is rather neutral.

Chairs and benches

We replaced the dining room furniture with a very different combination of elements. Instead of using 6 chairs, we proposed the alternative of occupying 2 chairs for the headboard and 2 benches for the sides.

The practical thing is that the benches can hold up to 3 people comfortably, so now the dining room allows them to seat up to 8 people. For the carpets we use plush, as the family has 2 small children and this fabric is one of the most resistant to stains.


In addition to the painting we hung next to the showcases, we hung another painting on the front wall. In this case we framed a plate with a reproduction of an impressionist work, which includes similar tones to the other painting.


For the centerpiece we needed some color that would stand out. So I put together this bouquet of synthetic flowers in red and yellow, so that it would stand out against the cold background tones.

I know that many people don’t like fake plants, but in some cases it’s the best option to keep it looking good. The color contribution that flowers give is key to the decoration of this space, and without them it looks very different.

Changing switches and plugs

This is a detail that may go unnoticed, but it makes a difference in the final result. We changed all the switches and plugs for these in silver tones.

For the switches we chose this model that uses large keys, which looks much more up-to-date. And for the sockets we chose only triple models, so you don’t have to walk around using extensions or other elements that are dangerous in the long run.

Changing the switches and plugs is a project you could do in a day. You can even do it yourself if you have some knowledge of electricity. In my house I changed them all, they are little luxuries that make a difference in the end.