Austin to Give Keynote at ICCD 2015

Friday, October 16, 2015

C-FAR Director Todd Austin, University of Michigan, will present a keynote speech at the 33rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD) Monday, October 19 in New York, NY. His talk is titled "Ending the Tyranny of Amdahl’s Law". The abstract of Austin's talk is:

If the computing industry wants to continue to make scalability the primary source of value in tomorrow's computing systems, we will have to quickly find new and productive ways to scale the serial portions of important applications. In this talk, I will highlight my work and the work of others to do just this through the application of heterogeneous parallel designs. Of course, we will want to address the scalability of sequential codes, but future scalability success will ultimately hinge on addressing how we address the scalability of future applications ’ through more affordable design and manufacturing techniques.

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