C-FAR Principal Investigators Give Keynote Addresses Worldwide

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

C-FAR PIs were seen in five countries giving talks and addresses during May, June, and July. Talks included:

  • Luca Carloni, Columbia University: “Scalable Design of Heterogeneous System-on-Chip Platforms”, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy (June 24)
  • Luis Ceze, University of Washington: “Disciplined Approximate Computing: From Language to Hardware”, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York (May 10); Intel, Hillsboro, Oregon (June 10); and NanoEnergy 2013, Perugia, Italy (July 11)
  • Deming Chen, University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign: "Optimizations in GPU: Smart Compilers and Core-Level Reconfiguration", SLIP '13, Austin, Texas (June 2)
  • Jason Cong, University of California, Los Angeles: "Computing Beyond Processors", IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Beijing, China (May 20). Read more at http://iscas2013.org/Keynote.html.
  • Dan Grossman, University of Washington: "Disciplined Approximate Computing: From Language to Hardware and Beyond", Intel, Hillsboro, Oregon (August 13)
  • Wen-Mei Hwu, University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign: "Rethinking Computer Architecture for Throughput Computing", SAMOS 2013, Greece (July 22)
  • John Ousterhout, Stanford University: “RAMCloud and the Low-Latency Datacenter” at the VMware Academic Research Symposium, Palo Alto, California (July 18)
  • Moinuddin Qureshi, Georgia Tech: "System Architecture for Emerging Memory Technologies", Technion, Haifa, Israel (July 2); Intel Research, Haifa, Israel (July 3)
  • Naveen Verma, Princeton University: "Machine Learning in the Ultra-low-power Processor: Helping us with Application Challenges, Helping us with Platform-Design Challenges", Qualcomm Research Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, California (May 10)
  • Valeria Bertacco, University of Michigan: "Making System-Level Lemonade Out of Hardware Lemons", University of Washington (May 8)