C-FAR Research Releases Two New Software Programs

Friday, June 28, 2013

Two software programs supported by C-FAR research have been released:

  • RAMCloud Storage System: developed by John Ousterhout, Ryan Stutsman, Stephen Rumble, Ankita A. Kejriwal, and Diego Ongaro. The RAMCloud project is creating a new class of storage, based entirely in DRAM, that is 2-3 orders of magnitude faster than existing storage systems. If successful, it will enable new applications that manipulate large-scale datasets much more intensively than has ever been possible before. The source code for RAMCloud continues to evolve and is freely available at ramcloud.stanford.edu/wiki/display/ramcloud/RAMCloud.
  • Lumos: developed by Liang Wang and Kevin Skadron. Lumos is an open-source (BSD license) framework to analytically quantify the performance limits of many-core, heterogenous systems operating at low supply voltage (e.g. near-threshold). Read more at liangwang.github.io/lumos/.