C-FAR Researchers Win Top Recognitions at DAC 50

Friday, August 30, 2013

Three C-FAR Principal Investigators received a total of 10 awards at the Design Automation Conference held this June in Austin, Texas. Among the accolades were two recognitions in the Top 10 Most Cited Author Award—C-FAR Associate Director Sharad Malik (#2) and UC-Berkeley Professor Kurt Keutzer (#7).

Professor Malik received the honor of the most-cited paper for his 2001 paper, “Chaff: Engineering an Efficient SAT Solver.” Professor Keutzer also gained recognition in Top Ten Most-cited Papers for his 2003 paper “DAGON: Technology Binding and Local Optimization by DAG Matching.” Other awards included several prolific author awards, including Professor Jason Cong, for presenting more that 40 papers over DAC’s history. Professor Keutzer was honored for receiving four Best Paper awards, the second most of any author in the half-century-old conference. The researchers were honored at the semicentennial awards celebration. Read more about these recognitions.