Carloni Speaks at Chip in Bahia 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

Professor Luca Carloni of Columbia University presented "System-Level Design of Heterogeneous System-on-Chip Architectures" at Chip in Bahia 2015 in Salvador BA, Brazil in September. Chip In is the largest Microelectronics conference in South America. The abstract of Carloni's talk is:

The heterogeneous multi-core system-on-chip, which combines programmable processors and specialized hardware accelerators, is emerging as a dominant platform architecture across many computing domains, from mobile devices to data centers. Accelerators offer an effective design solution in the face of tight power budgets because they provide energy-efficient performance for critical computation kernels and are activated via software only when needed. The presence of many accelerators, however, increases design heterogeneity, which in turn exacerbates system complexity and prolongs design time. To address these challenges I present a design methodology that raises the level of abstraction to the system level, simplifies the integration of heterogeneous components, and leverages recent results on supervised design-space exploration for component reuse. I illustrate the effectiveness of this approach by describing its application to the design of complex system-on-chip prototypes with both FPGA and ASIC technologies.