CCC Blog Features UIUC Team's Work on Stash

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Computing Community Consortium blog recently covered a paper by C-FAR researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Stash: Have your Scratchpad and Cache it Too". The paper was presented at the International Symposium of Computer Architecture (ISCA) in June.

As described in the blog:

The presentation described a new memory organization called stash that gets the best of caches and scratchpads. The stash redistributes the hardware-software burden – software determines what data should go into the stash, but relies on hardware smarts for address space conversion and coherence. Hits in the stash are as efficient as a scratchpad, but (infrequent) misses incur a small hardware penalty. By empowering hardware and software to do what each does best, stash improves both performance and energy.

The team is led by Professor Sarita Adve and Professor Vikram Adve and includes Rakesh Komuravelli, Matthew D. Sinclair, Johnathan Alsop, Muhammad Huzaifa, Maria Kotsifakou, and Prakalp Srivastava.

This research was also discussed in Professor Sarita Adve's August e-Workshop and a 2014 Annual Research Review student poster.