New Software Released by C-FAR Researchers

Thursday, September 19, 2013

C-FAR researchers have released these new softwares:

  • Raft and LogCabin, developed by Diego Ongaro and John Ousterhout. A new consensus-base system for durable storage of configuration information
  • Rodinia, developed by Ke Wang and Kevin Skadron. A benchmark suite for heterogeneous computing. Originally conceived for GPGPU, with CUDA, OpenMP, and single-threaded C versions, extended to OpenCL and parameterized to be more suitable for C-FAR work. Rodinia is open-source (BSD license)
  • Trellis, developed by Lukasz Szafaryn and Kevin Skadron. A source-to-source translator that uses OpenMP/OpenACC pragmas to generate CUDA code for GPUs. New pragmas and improved translation; results show significantly improved performance over OpenMP/OpenACC. Source code available for download
  • Quantifier elimination tool suite, developed by Eugene Goldberg. Performs quantifier elimination, a crucial step in image computations for model checking and many other applications